Oil Painting | Lush Flower Bouquet

Artist Statement

Let’s introduce 

Hi, I am Roman van Gelder and I create colorful, energizing, elegantly layered, semi-realistic oil paintings. Sometimes with a humorous twist to spark an extra layer of emotion.

Painting everlasting memories

In my work I am inspired by the beauty of nature, animals, flowers, landscapes and the changing light throughout the day. The seemingly random way of how flower petals fold around each other. How sun rays burst through a thick layer of clouds after a long rainy day. The endlessly different color tones that appear during a beautiful sun set. An early spring morning, mist covering the landscape as a thick blanket, making houses and trees barely visible due to the thick atmosphere. Or a blackbird singing on a branch in my garden. My connection with nature is my life force and makes me happy. Creating everlasting memories in paint to make the viewer aware of how beautiful and precious our world is.

How I work

Every painting starts with two ground layers of colored gesso. Then I sketch out a composition based on a photo (In some work I draw and sketch intuitively) with pencil or charcoal. After setting out a sketch, I block-out the first layer in mixed colors of acrylic (Brand: Amsterdam Acrylics). Then I add multiple layers of water-based oil paint (Brand: Cobra) until I am satisfied with the end-result. 

I work on different media like canvas, canvas on panel, wooden panels or high quality oil paint suitable paper (Clairefontaine 240 g).

Now and then I also experiment with abstract painting. A different style but with the same energetic values (colorful, energizing and layered) based on a balanced composition, as with my semi-realistic oil paintings. 

Where to find me?

I am located in the Netherlands in a small town called Oud-Beijerland (south of Rotterdam). I work from my studio at home. Currently, I am working on a series of florals and seascapes.

If you want to know more send me a DM via Instagram or an e-mail.

contact @ romanvangelder.com (without the spacings)

Roman van Gelder