The Scream for Attention


I participated in a Dutch TV contest with this painting of my version of the scream by Edvard Munch.

The subject behind this work is about “The craziness of our current society where everyone is spending hours and hours looking at their phone without noticing the beauty of the world (and nature)”.

This painting contains the following symbolic hints:

  • I mirrored deliberately the design (because this is what our brain does, converting our view, instead of what we actually see),
  • the character is screaming (or is he acting for a video?)
  • His friends in the back are not noticing their screaming friend and just take pictures (instead of caring for their friend and/or looking at the scenery)
  • The apocalyptic sky represents the new age with random stuff like ai, satellites, starlink internet (literally every spot in the world will soon have internet)
  • In the back a metropolitan city, growing fast like a river
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This oil painting is called “The Scream for Attention” based on a famous painting of Edvard Munch.

It’s has been painted with multiple layers of Cobra Artist Quality water-based oil paint and applied on a wooden panel (45 x 53 cm | 17,7 x 20,9 inch).

Frame is not included.

Dimensions 53 × 45 × 0,3 cm