Botanical Paintings

Rich paintings of bouquets with flowers, plants, shoes and snails

As appreciation for nature I paint flowers and plants in all sorts. This is my way to express my love for the natural world. Whether it is a sunflower field, some pink hollyhocks or a abundant flower bouquet. The essence is to capture their beauty in a permanent form.

This made me think about why I love to paint them…

Is it to relax? Like a therapeutic activity to help me reduce stress and promote a sense of calm.

Or do I like the challenge? Because painting flowers and plants are an interesting subject that can provide interesting challenges, such as capturing the delicate details, vivid colors, and intricate patterns.

Or is it my nostalgia? Because flowers and plants can evoke strong emotions and memories, such as the smell of a particular flower that brings back childhood memories.

And, I guess… all of these are true.

One thing I do know is… everyone has their own favorite flower or plant. What would be yours?