Oil Painting | Lush Flower Bouquet

My first commission!

Last year I was introduced to a new colleague. And after some chitchat I told her that I love to paint and showed off some paintings that I was working on. Then, without hesitation, she told me that she collects all kinds of art and that she wanted to have a custom oil painting painted by me. Or as she said: “Now I can still afford you!” How awesome I shouted! And after multiple concepts we came up with this design: a rich bouquet with a humming bird, butterflies, Nike Air Max and a Heineken beer can… just for the fun. Because everything is allowed in art, right? 😉

I think it is one of my best paintings, until thus far.

Roman van Gelder

  • Wooden Panel
  • Oil paint + Acrylic under-layer
  • 45 x 53 cm
  • 2023