Oil Painting | Sunflowers

What to give to your brother?

Last year my brother became 50 and I was thinking about what to give as a present… We were already organizing a surprise party, but I wanted to give something permanent too. And so I thought about making a painting. Perhaps based on one of his photographs? Because he loves cycling and making pictures of the local scenery. After contacting my sister in law, she had an idea and came up with a really nice picture that he made. A colorful picture with countless sunflowers with one in the foreground. So it took about a month to complete, but I was really happy with the result. My brother (and sister in law) too…

Oil paint + Acrylic under-layer
60 x 80 cm

If you are thinking about giving a personal gift too, then contact me. I can assure you it will be a gift to remember

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